what is gbd?


hey, loves!

I am Priya Singh! I am a chef and amateur sommelier currently living in Miami! 

My personal food journey began in my childhood, as well as years of traveling around the world with my family! 
Then in my twenties, I got the opportunity to live in New York with Symran and Genesis, and we ATE, and we ATE, and ATE. 

BUT my professional journey began in 2017 when I decided (spur of the moment decision) to go to culinary school. I have worked in a few restaurants, but what has become clear to me is that Im never more happy than in my own kitchen, with my own music, intuitively deciding where my meal goes. 

Genesis and I started GBD as a passion project, wanting somewhere to post all the delicious thing we were whipping up. It quickly became something more. We aimed to bring wine knowledge and food knowledge to every type of person, no matter what their education or interest level! Now that Symran has joined us, it's become a very serious desire to offer top quality recipes, treats, and videos for YOU! 

I have had the absolute joy and pleasure of traveling all over the world, discovering foods that I didn't know even existed. I hope to bring your curiosity out, to tantalize your senses, and to make you wanna cook! 


I'm Genesis, I'm a Recruiter and HR Business Partner in the food & wine industry.

Food has always been love and connection for me - from coming home to my mother's sancocho on a hot-ass day in Florida, sharing wine in Australia with my best friend, or grabbing a $1 pizza in Manhattan after a night out - food has always been about making memories for me. That's why I hope through this collaboration to we can share some bits of amazing food moments we've had and disrupt misconceptions and under representations in the culinary world. A lot of my experiences in the food and wine world revolve around being the only woman, and person of color, in the room. I have want to blow the door open for other people of color in this industry. 

I met Priya in Miami in college and we've been up to no good since. We both ended up in New York, where I spent my time recruiting culinary professionals and chefs for some of the most respected and tenured gourmet markets and producer distributors in the city - and being late to meet Priya for brunch. Since then, I have been living in Napa working in the wine industry, eatin' good, drinking even better.

I hope to make you laugh, and refine what your perception of what a culinary professional looks like. 

Hey, y'all!


I’m Symran, I’m a hospitality professional and food + cocktail lover currently living in Miami..

I have always loved hospitality and the elements that go into making a dining experience memorable. I have been lucky enough to grow up in the restaurant industry, always trying the new spot on restaurant row and exploring restaurants abroad. I’ve had a spectrum of dining experiences from Michelin star restaurants to hawkers in Hong Kong and everything in between. This has shaped my passion for creating memorable experiences for people through food and wine. With all the right elements from excellent service to décor, to the flatware, to the ambience and music, there are so many factors that make up a remarkable dining experience

I started my professional career in hospitality when I moved to New York and worked front of house for restaurant groups such as The ONE GROUP, Starr Restaurants, and most recently, Gerber Group. Over the Years I have learned all the elements that go into making a dining experience wonderful and memorable. I hope to bring my experience and passion to GBD to urge you to be more adventurous.  

Hey, y'all!

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